Obama Seals the Deal for Veterans’ Healthcare

obamaIt’s a good day for US veterans, as President Barack Obama sealed the deal for a better healthcare system for war veterans. President Obama signed a $16.3 billion bill to address the problems of the Veterans Affairs department when it comes to healthcare services. This new legislation brings medical care into a new light, ensuring America’s war heroes have access to the high-standard care they deserve.

Implementing Plans for Better Health Service

The $16.3 billion plan provides the VA department the resources to employ more healthcare providers at over 1,000 medical facilities and hospitals nationwide. The bill also aims to correct the outrageous and unjust conduct at VA clinics and hospitals.

In the past months, the Obama administration received complaints about veterans enduring months just to get medical attention and treatment from VA medical facilities. Such events prompted the administration to make a move and enforce corrective actions on the involved parties.

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“We’ve held people accountable for misconduct. Some have already been relieved of their duties, and investigations are ongoing,” said President Obama.

Gearing Up for Change

President Obama says the bill still has a long way to go, but the administration is doing everything it can to make this happen. The implementation of the plan requires a great deal of time and focus from both the administration and healthcare providers.

“As a new generation of veterans returns home from war and transitions into civilian life, we have to make sure the VA system can keep pace with that new demand,” stated President Obama.