Preparation Yields Results: Winning the Custody of Your Children

divorceDivorce is one thing; getting custody of the children is another matter. Some people think divorce will land them custody of the children, but the process takes on a completely different route. You need a solid parenting plan and supporting documents to help you win custody of your children.

Here are a few things you need to prepare:

Child Support Payments

Parents who can provide proof of child support payments often have a high chance of winning custody of the children. If you have a formal child support agreement with your ex-spouse, you can use this as of having the ability to provide for your children and support household costs.

Visitation Schedule Log

After the divorce, one of the parents will get temporary custody of the children until the court makes a decision on who gets full custody. During those moments, whoever is the non-custodial parent will be entitled to visits.

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If you happen to be the non-custodial parent, you can keep a log of your visitation schedule and use it as reference for the child custody hearing. This can serve as proof of having a good and meaningful relationship with your children, which the court can use for evaluation. The visitation log should include the date, time, place, and frequency of visits.

Phone Call or Email Logs

The court also evaluates communication between the parent and child, even outside of visits. Much like on visitation schedule logs, you can keep a record of phone calls or emails made that will help you establish continuous contact with your children. You can also use this to disprove your ex-spouse’s claim on maintaining communication with your children.

Remember, child custody isn’t about showing who can be the better parent. It’s about showing how involved you are in your children’s lives and how you can raise them with their best interest in mind.