Retail Giant, Major Corporations Offer Support for Marriage Equality

Same-sex marriage has been a standing international issue worldwide, as the LGBT community continues to be vocal with their rights for marriage equality. It seems their efforts are not in vain. Retail giant Target becomes vocal with its support for the LGBT community and their cause. Major corporations like Microsoft, Nordstrom, Apple, and Starbucks have also expressed their sincere support on the pressing matters of same-sex marriage and equality.

Sparking Change and Inspiration

wedding ringTarget and several other companies filed an amicus brief to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals as a show of support for same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin. Both states still have laws that ban same-sex marriage.

Target’s Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Jodee Kozlak shared her thoughts on the company’s official website. “It is our belief that everyone should be treated equally under the law, and that includes rights we believe individuals should have related to marriage,” said Kozlak.

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Providing Extensive Assistance

The major retail chain filed the brief to highlight how same-sex marriage bans and similar laws affect businesses. The company stated the difficulty of attracting and retaining talent with such disparate laws lowering the morale of employees who are part of the LGBT community.

As part of their support, Target is now already offering comprehensive benefits to LGBT employees and their families. The company believes they are merely doing the right thing for their team and their business.

“We believe that everyone — all of our team members and our guests — deserve to be treated equally. And at Target we are proud to support the LGBT community,” added Kozlak.