Three Key Duties of a Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate LawyerLawyers who specialize in real estate law play a vital role in the business. They help buyers, agents, and sellers have safe and legally proper transactions. Real estate lawyers also play a big part in reviewing and processing documents to ensure smooth sales and dealings. They also act as your legal representative in case you are involved in legal issues concerning real estate transactions.

To better understand the job of a real estate attorney, here are some of their key duties.

Drafting Documents

Document drafting is one of the most important duties of a real estate lawyer. This duty involves the creation of documents needed in different transactions. They draft everything from deeds to lease, rental, financing, and purchase contracts.

It takes expertise in local real estate laws to be a document drafter. This is why not every legal professional may attend to this duty, as real estate attorneys in Denver may agree.

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Assisting Buyers

Home and property buyers may also need the assistance of a lawyer. This is particularly true when handling, receiving, and submitting documents. The attorney explains to the buyer the content of purchase contracts for them to understand the terms of the agreement in full details.

Before closing a home purchase or any similar transaction, the lawyer also checks various details such as real estate taxes and other related costs.

Assisting Lenders and Borrowers

Real estate lawyers also offer services as legal representatives of lending companies and borrowers, particularly when it comes to mortgage and trust deed foreclosures. They assist the lending company in processing foreclosures that usually involves filing a lawsuit to the court. They may also represent the borrower and serve as a negotiator for the lender to stop the foreclosure.

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The various duties of real estate attorneys are a proof that the industry greatly needs their service. When you’re selling or buying a property, consult with them to ensure a safe and legally sound transaction.