When to Consider the Possibility of Divorce

Divorce Process The end of a marriage doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over a period of time and it usually has some signs.

Whether you’re the one who actually initiates it with a divorce attorney on Long Island, NY, or the one who first realizes that ending the marriage may be the only answer to your current predicament, there are signs you can look for that may mean your marriage is over.

You fight too often

It doesn’t matter if your fights are big or small by any standards; if they happen too often, that may mean you have less in common than you used to think, and your marriage is becoming a kind of torture. Think about how much time you spend arguing and compare that with the time you spend getting along. If you barely ever get along, start thinking about divorce.

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Your fights are epic

You might think there’s nothing wrong with your marriage if you don’t fight often. If you have big, hurtful fights, however, you need to rethink how you look at your union. A fight that becomes physical is already a solid indication that you should get out, but even if it’s not physical but you start making each other feel degraded, that’s also a red flag.

There’s cheating

You’re right to ask why your spouse is looking for emotional or sexual validation from someone else because they are. If you’re the one who’s cheating, you are too. Think very hard about this: can your marriage survive infidelity? Perhaps you should start considering divorce if you can’t answer that question without conditions.

It may be helpful to talk to your spouse about counseling; many relationships on the brink of falling apart have been saved by counseling. But it may also be more sensible to talk to your lawyer even while you’re doing this, just in case you need their advice, or your marriage doesn’t survive after all.