Is Facebook Encouraging Couples to Get Divorced?

Divorcing Couple from DenverFacebook is a great way for families to post and share pictures of their weekend activities. Excessive use of the site, however, could lead to troubled marriages.

For the most popular social media platform, Facebook seems like a harmless website for married couples. It’s not a dating website after all, so what’s the worst that could happen in a person’s news feed?

A Source of Jealousy and Doubt

Simply browsing through a partner’s Facebook account is enough to find unwanted posts from the past (or present). Activity logs and the side panels on a Facebook home page make it easy to monitor user behavior, and it could make spouses feel insecure and even paranoid. A study reveals that a fifth of the participants found something on Facebook that made them feel uneasy about their relationship. On top of the mounting negative feelings, spouses also don’t feel inclined to confront their spouses on their discovery, lest they be scolded for snooping around.

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A Support System for Problematic Relationships

It is possible for spouses involved in troubled relationships to turn to Facebook for a support system. While social media is a means to get in touch with friends and family, it’s also a place where spouses can easily hit up an old “friend” or a new acquaintance. In fact, a survey reveals that a third of people keep their social media passwords from their partners, and one in ten adults hide some posts and messages from their partner on Facebook.

Some Lawyers Use Social Media Evidence in Divorce Cases

Even divorce attorneys agree that Facebook is a cause for strife among married couples. During a case, it is possible to use shared posts and comments as evidence in the courtroom. In line with this, a study conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that 66% of legal attempts to search for cheating evidence on Facebook ended up with positive results.

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Those with a “married” status on Facebook might want to limit their use of the website, as it could be a cause for jealousy and could facilitate an extra-marital affair. Spouses from Denver that are already dissatisfied with their marriage, however, may want to consult a divorce attorney to understand how they can move forward with their case.