Safety in the Self-Storage Business: Common Legal Pitfalls and Ways to Avoid Them

Personal Injury Lawyers In TownsvilleWhen you leave your customers to their own devices, there is generally a higher chance of your establishment paying the price.

The self-storage industry is booming, not only here in Australia but also any place where people might have too many belongings and too little space — most first-world nations. It should as no surprise then that investors are flocking to this relatively new, newly modernised service sector. As providers of self-storage compete to deliver the best service in the best facilities at the best rates, it is important for owners and employees in the business to recognise the inherent risks a service of such nature may entail.

This, of course, is when clients end up harming themselves within your facility; personal injury lawyers from Townsville note that often, it is through no fault of the clients themselves.

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Though there are cases where a self-storage customer does the injuring entirely by him or herself, this is no excuse for a self-storage company to become lax on the safety measures they implement. The following is a rundown of the basic anti-lawsuit measures a self-storage provider should implement:

  1. Stay ahead of the risks.

Maintenance is the most potent tool against equipment failure, and even for someone in the business of leasing secure boxes to people who have run out of space in their garage, all it takes are regular, documented maintenance checks to ensure that no injured client can point the finger to a subpar facility. Educating clients on these safety measures should also be part of the plan.

  1. Respond to mishaps properly.

Calling a medical professional and neutralising threats e.g. exposed circuits, fires are a given — self-storage companies should never take responsibility for an injury without conducting a proper investigation of what has transpired.

  1. Get insured.

As with many things, insurance can be a godsend that prevents an unlucky business from going under due to particularly vicious personal injury lawsuits.

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Basic safety and risk-prevention measures are all it takes to ensure a self-storage company’s continued growth. Observing these steps will result in a happy clientele and a confident workforce.