H1B Visa Applicant? 3 Things to Know About the Proposed Visa Reform

H1B visa in UtahAs soon as President Donald Trump sat in the office, he ordered an immigration order that bans refugees and certain immigrants from entering the country. His administration is also working on a proposed reform to the H1B visa.

The H1B visa is an employment visa that allows employers to bring in workers from overseas. Tech and other companies with a specialization often apply for this type of visa, as they search for employees with special skills beyond the border. The possible immigration will create several changes that may affect the present H1B visa. If you’re applying for an H1B visa in Utah, here are some of the other things you must know:

  1. Bring Jobs Back to America

If you followed the presidential elections, you know that Trump mentioned the phrase “bringing jobs back to America” in almost all of his speeches. That’s the central theme of his campaign, after all. So now that he’s in the office, jobs really are brought back to America. So, don’t be surprised if he makes changes that will protect American workers, but note that this may affect immigrants.

  1. Minor Changes
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Many experts say that the reform won’t possibly include major changes for the H1B visas, but it would monitor it closely. Perhaps, the rules would be stricter with employers during the application process. It may also add a few restrictions on the present requirements to qualify for an H1B visa.

  1. Effective this Year

Any changes that would be made to H1B visas will likely affect how employees will recruit new, top talents this year. The administration’s goal is to implement the proposed immigration reform at the start of the H1B visa application process this year.

With all of these possible changes to immigration processes, it will be harder to apply for an H1B visa. So, it is best that you ask help from a professional. An immigration lawyer can guide you in the entire application process.