Dealing with a Divorce: Finding the Right Lawyer

Lawyer Settling A Divorce When things get sour between you and your spouse, you know that somehow, your life has gone downward spiral. Sometimes, the only thing to do is to file for a divorce and talk about the division of properties and the custody of your children.

In these trying times, working with an experienced lawyer is the best step. But you should choose the right family law firm. Here are the things you should know when looking for a divorce attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Avoiding the Wrong Lawyer

There are two things you need to rely on: recommendations from family and friends, and your gut feel. Suppose there really is no other way but to file for a divorce, ask your family and friends for their trusted family attorneys. They have tried and tested these lawyers and more likely, they wouldn’t recommend anyone who has had a bad reputation.

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Reading reviews and testimonials also helps, especially if you scour your area and your online sources for law firms. Choose those who have been in the legal practice for years.

Once you have chosen a law firm, ask the attorney some questions to test the waters and see if you could divulge your problems to him. You may ask about his length of service, the approaches he take, his success rate, and the fee he charges. Be wary of hidden charges!

Take note how you felt while talking to your prospective attorney. If he makes you feel intimidated, then perhaps seeking his counsel is not a bright idea. You can always look for another family lawyer.

It’s also smart to research the usual cases and clients a lawyer handles. While some of these are classified information, there are high-profile cases that can be found in the law firm’s website or in journals. Doing so will help you gauge the ability of your prospective attorney. Find out if the lawyer has won many cases similar to yours. A little research won’t hurt; it can actually be good for you and your family.