4 Things You Need to Do to Get the Perfect Divorce

man and woman sitting on either side of a wallThere are bad divorces, the ones where former couples aggressively have a go at ruining each other’s lives. And there are good divorces, the ones we don’t often see on TV because they make for a dull viewing experience.

Ironically, most people who are going through a divorce want to get a good divorce, one characterized by amicable cooperation between both parties. The emotional turmoil that happens during a divorce is enough. If you want to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible so you and the children can move on with your lives, pay attention to the following:

1. Start with a mediator.

Find a Long Island family law practitioner who provides mediation services. The success rate of mediation for former couples with similar goals and willingness to work with one another is high. This can also save you a lot of money spent for a divorce trial.

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2. Skip the blame game.

It can be tempting to blame your former spouse for the situation, but it is no use pointing fingers at each other. Not only does it leave you feeling powerless, but blaming your ex-partner can be harmful to any mediation process that is underway, as well.

3. Look for emotional support.

Your family and close friends are a good way to start, although you can also reach out to divorce support groups, therapists, and coaches. By dealing with the inevitable emotions that come up during a divorce, you put yourself in a better position to handle the legal and financial aspects of the process.

4. Put everything in writing.

This is where a mediator who is also a lawyer can help. By putting the terms of your agreement down on paper, you are making both parties accountable for holding their end of the deal.

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Beginning with mediation is a great step towards achieving an amicable divorce. Not only does it help you save on costly court expenses, but it also helps you save whatever good is left in your relationship with your former spouse. Hold off on going to court and ask your divorce attorney what options he or she can provide if you want to go through mediation.