Juvenile Crime Charges: What You Can Do About It

handcuffed young boyThe prospect of your child being accused of a crime is terrifying for any parent but more so for the child. Just the thought of possibly spending time in a juvenile prison could affect the morale of kids significantly and for the rest of their lives.

In the event of an arrest and formal criminal charge for a misdemeanor or felony, minors deserve most of the rights adults have, including legal representation. At this critical period, parents must focus on giving the child a chance to make amends for his or her infraction, and temper any emotional reaction.

The Law Applies to All

Criminal charges, even juvenile ones, can seriously hurt a child’s chances for future scholarships, employment, or housing – anything that involves background checks. A criminal lawyer experienced in juvenile defense is your best choice in minimizing the trauma this ordeal may inflict on your family.

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Depending on state laws, courts may try adolescents as adults, especially under particular categories of felony charges. A criminal defense lawyer adept in juvenile cases and crimes takes into account the age, personal background, and history of the defendant in presenting a favorable case to the jurors.

A comprehensive understanding of criminal law as it applies to minors is a critical competency for a lawyer defending your child or teenager. Criminal defense attorney David A. Nachtigall agrees that the youngsters’ defense counsels must have the skill and experience in working with them, to defuse tense situations.

Lightening Sentences

In cases wherein the defendant has admitted guilt, or if the evidence is unquestionable, an attorney can reduce the charge for the felony through careful negotiation and skillful argument. Moreover, lawyers can dispute harsh sentences to mitigate severe probation periods, expensive fines, or unreasonable community service hours.

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Delinquency in youth is a common and rather unfortunate reality. In these instances, it is important to remain composed and to take immediate and appropriate action. Know that you and your child have rights, and the expertise of legal professionals should be a primary consideration.