No, Our Life Is Not an Episode of Law & Order: Busting Paralegal Myths

A paralegal working in the office Despite belonging in an economy where the majority of the fields are downsizing, the paralegal profession keeps on bursting the barrier open and are continuously growing. In Los Angeles alone, there are tens of thousands of lawyers, and each of them requires around three or four paralegals. This is why the need for quality paralegals is extremely high, and why most now consider paralegal school online.

Fiction: Paralegals serve only as lawyer’s secretaries.

Paralegals may answer phone calls and handle documents in a law firm, but they still play a critical role in the law practice. Attorneys wouldn’t be able to manage their huge workload every day if it weren’t for paralegals. They practically do everything lawyers do, except bring a case to court. They are there at each step of the legal process, from researching to interviewing witnesses.

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Fiction: Each day and each case will resemble an episode of Law & Order. No, it won’t always be that way. Sure, there will be interesting cases, but local news won’t cover most of these unless you work for the District Attorney or a large firm. Some paralegals would never actually encounter several kinds of law in a real courtroom, especially those featured in the news. Against common knowledge, most legal cases aren’t criminal. They mostly deal with personal injury claims, social security, property rights, divorce and real estate.

Fiction: Paralegals have to memorize laws and statutes.

Lawyers who have taken Bar exams and have practiced law for so many years can’t even memorize the statutes and laws. It’s mentally impossible to cram all the information in your head unless you have a photographic memory. Alternatively, it’s better and more efficient just to know how to do proper research. They could easily get plenty of law and statutes information in law libraries and on the internet.

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Besides being in demand, the paralegal profession is a rewarding career option if you wish to join the legal world. Forget about those common misconceptions and unleash your inner paralegal by researching facts first before believing anything that you hear.