Avoiding Divorce Court: Mediation vs. Collaborative Divorce

Divorce MediationThe traditional divorce court process can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. Fortunately, you and your spouse can avoid a court proceeding and choose divorce court alternatives that can keep the case private. These options will also allow you to complete marriage dissolution faster than if you let a court make the decisions for you.

Divorce Mediation

In this method, you and your spouse will work with a neutral third party, called a mediator, to reach an agreement. Divorce mediation experts in Long Island note that this could only work if you are willing to communicate and work with your spouse. It can also be a good choice if the decision to divorce is mutual and you want to stay in good term with your ex-spouse.

Mediation offers many advantages, but you have to think carefully when choosing this method. If your divorce involves violence or domestic abuse, this may not be the best choice. The same is also true if your spouse has lied to you about something important like finances and properties. If you decide to choose this method, it is beneficial to hire a lawyer who knows how mediation works.

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Collaborative Divorce

This involves working out a settlement without going to court. Here, you and your spouse will each hire a lawyer to facilitate the collaborative divorce process. The attorney will assist and advise you in negotiating an agreement. Both parties (along with lawyers) will meet to agree on a settlement.

This method may also involve other professionals like a therapist or a divorce financial planner to help both of you deal with issues involved in the case. If this process turns out to be successful, you will still need to go to a family court for the judge to sign the agreement.

The overall legal process, however, is faster and less expensive than traditional litigation. Just like mediation, however, this may not be a good choice for cases with a complicated financial situation.

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Divorce itself stressful process, so it can be a good idea to go with court alternatives. But before choosing a method, it is best to hire a divorce attorney who will let you know more about your options and protect your rights.