How Misdemeanors are Different from Felonies

A Police CarThe legal system in the country is very clear but complex. Some laws are different in some states. It is good to be familiar with the system so that you know what is illegal and will entail punishment. Having a fundamental knowledge of the laws will make sure that you also know your freedom and rights.

There are many personal injury and criminal lawyers who can help you out if you get charged with any crime. A personal injury lawyer can assist you if you are involved in a Springfield Illinois auto accident. But if it is a criminal case, then you will need a criminal lawyer. Criminal actions in the country are classified as misdemeanors and felonies. The basic difference is the severity of punishment.

  • Misdemeanors

misdemeanor is a lesser crime, but it will go down on the record as a criminal offense and will not go without punishment. The classification varies in different states, but they generally include petty theft, public intoxication, prostitution, vandalism, DUI, and drug possession. They are subcategorized depending on the seriousness of the crime. If the charge is very serious the individual might have problems getting into a good school, renting an apartment, getting a job, or receiving a loan.

  • Felonies

Felonies are more severe criminal acts, comparatively. Offenders will face at least a year in prison although severe crimes might be punished with death or life term in prison. It is good to remember that capital punishment is not supported by all the states. Besides prison sentence, the offender might also face steep fines.

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Robbery, rape, murder, aggravated assault etc., all fall under the category of felony. Conviction for a felony will not only mean harsh prison sentence and fine but will also mean that you will have difficulty in getting any type of loan, finding apartments, getting school admissions, and finding employment.

In the unfortunate event of your being convicted, make sure that you get in touch with a reputed criminal lawyer in your area, who can assist you in getting minimum sentence if found guilty.