Legal Nurse Consultant: The Right Career Path for You?

Legal Nurse ConsultantThe medical and legal worlds usually overlap, most often in cases of medical malpractice. But since the majority of attorneys, judges, and prosecutors are not really familiar with the medical world; they usually look to other individuals who are considered experts in the medical field. Now there are legal nurse consultant jobs for those who want to use their medical expertise for the Law.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The unique terminology in the medical world is more often than not very hard for most individuals to comprehend, even for some paralegals. With this in mind, it’s necessary for them to work with individuals capable of translating medical jargon in court cases involving medical issues.

Legal nurse consultants or LNCs are experienced medical professionals that are highly qualified to act as legal consultants on medical cases. They could be former or current practicing nurses. Their primary purpose is to aid law professionals in understanding and processing legal details, bridging the gap between the fields of law and medicine. Aside from being experts in their own field, they also have a grasp of the legal aspects pertaining to the healthcare industry.

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The job description of a legal nurse consultant includes the following:

  • Researching medical records
  • Determining medical care standards
  • Testifying in court as an expert witness in cases that involve malpractice, worker’s compensation, abuse, fraud, and other medical issues.

LNCs usually find employment in various healthcare settings such as private and government clinics, hospitals, and care centers. Additionally, law firms, forensic departments, prosecutor’s offices, and health insurance companies also hire legal nurse consultants. Some legal nurse consultants who have gained an acceptable amount of experience could also choose to open a consulting firm.

Can anyone be a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Most LNCs are active RNs or registered nurses, with a nursing degree from a university or nursing school. To be a certified registered nurse, you should successfully pass the NCLEX-RN, National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. The majority of employers also require several years of experienced as an RN. A majority of legal nurse consultants don’t have a solid legal background so they attend special legal nurse consultant training or other similar legal consulting programs.