Queensland Professor Spearheads Guide on Domestic Violence

Child Support text with paper family and broken heartA QLD research team introduced a reference guide for domestic violence that will be useful to Australia’s justice system.

Heather Douglas from The University of Queensland and her team introduced the second stage of the National Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book on June 16 after two years of extensive studies. The guidelines will serve as a good model for victims and court magistrates among other people involved family law.

Book Two

The researchers launched the book as an update to an initial set of guidelines in August 2016. The updated information in the second book contains a searchable database, which provides links to case summaries nationwide.

It also offers new sections on family law, protection orders, pieces of evidence, and bail proceedings, according to Douglas. Chief Magistrate Orazio Rinaudo AM believes that Australian courts, prosecutors and defence attorneys will greatly benefit from the new material. In Townsville, Rapid Legal Solutions noted that legal advisers would also find it useful in drafting their arguments on the court.

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The Queensland government, however, declined an offer from the federal government regarding the establishment of a legal support hotline for indigenous people that are taken into custody.

Aboriginal Services

South and Western Australia are some of the state governments that have agreed to form the Custody Notification Service (CNS) for Aboriginal people in custody, while officials from the Northern Territory still ponder on the proposal.

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) decided to decline the CNS hotline, as existing services were already satisfactory. A QPS spokesperson said that it reviewed the offer carefully and found that it only duplicates an already reliable system.

The launch of the new guidelines will help in determining court rulings for cases of domestic violence in Australia. Whether or not it is about domestic violence, it is important that you only seek advice from lawyers that have extensive experience in family law.