Charged with a Traffic Offence? Here’s What You Should Do

Driver Stopped By Police OfficerTraffic is as bad in Australia as it is everywhere else in the world. Reports warn Australian citizens that road travel times will increase by around 20% by the year 2031. Long lines at ticket terminals and heavy congestion during rush hours can turn anyone’s mood sour, and none of us is exempt from them.

When the roads become more difficult to drive in, you may become less alert of your surroundings. Unfortunately, the fact that you have to dedicate more concentration to keeping you road safe may also lead you to commit traffic offences. If a police officer charges you, here’s what you should do:

Call Your Loved Ones

No matter the severity of your offence, it is best to contact your family and close friends to let them know you are safe on the road. If you were going to meet others at the place you were headed to, ring those people, to tell them you are in the middle of a traffic situation. Relay necessary information, such as your exact location, your ticket details as well as the name of the officer.

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Speak to the Officer

There are times that officers let you explain your case. You could elaborate on your actions to reduce the gravity of the offence. For most cases, however, the charges are final. Avoid getting into conflict with the officer and, instead, converse with the officer in a calm manner. Ask them about possible consequences, such as fines, court appearances or imprisonment.

Contact a Lawyer

When push comes to shove, talk to a legal professional. There are criminal lawyers based on the Gold Coast, such as Nyst Legal, who have the expertise to assist you with various driving offences. They help you understand the charges and prepare for potential consequences.

Traffic cases are inevitable, but they aren’t impossible to address. As long as you approach it calmly and know the right people to talk to, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about.