Reminders when You Encounter a Car Accident

a man taking a picture of his wrecked carCar accidents happen all the time in Kent and even outside Washington state. Though most accidents are preventable, there’s no use wishing it didn’t happen when it already did. What you have to do now is to remember what happened and establish who was at fault. There are also people you need to contact, to have the matter settled as soon as possible.

Remember these things when you get involved in a car accident:

Take Pictures of the Scene

It doesn’t matter which side you’re on. Your insurance provider and your car crash attorney will want pictures as proof of the accident. These pictures will also be handy in reconstructing the scene should an investigation be needed. Before your insurance provider releases funds for car coverage, they will want to know what happened. The pictures help you assert yourself and get the claim you deserve with the help of your attorney.

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Call the Authorities

A car accident can be a nuisance even to people who are not involved in it, especially if it happens on the highway. Last March, a woman ejected from her car caused roads along I-5 to be closed to traffic, which inconvenienced motorists. If you’re involved in an accident or have witnessed one, call the authorities as soon as possible so that they can handle the situation and everything can go back to normal.

Give Your Statement

You may think your memory is infallible, but the longer it takes for you to give your statement to the police, the more erroneous your statement could be. It’s best to give your statement to the police as soon as possible, so they can jot down the important details before you start to forget. You may need to give a statement more than once.

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Ideally, no one wants to be in an accident. But if you find yourself involved in one, do your best to get the matter settled as objectively as possible.