4 Things You Should Never Do During a Divorce

Law books on divorceWhen going through a divorce, it is normal to experience feelings of fear, grief or anger. During this time, it’s easy to make unsound decisions that could prove costly. However, as Denver divorce lawyers from Lewis & Matthews, P.C. will tell you, you need to keep your cool and understand that the less emotional you are, the better your chances are of making right decisions. Here are four things you should never do as you go through a divorce.

Expecting to get all assets

A recurring mistake people make is having unrealistic expectations. In truth, you’re going to be using the same income you are right now to support two households after the divorce. So don’t expect you’ll get to keep all the real estate, cars, and accounts. If you’re the sole breadwinner in the marriage, expect to be paying child and spousal support.

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Hiding estates

Some people hide money or rack up a huge debt as soon as the divorce has started. That’s a terrible thing to do. Once discovered, the court could hold you in contempt for it. In many states, the court issues a restraining order preventing spouses from selling assets or cashing out money once the divorce has commenced.

Doing things out of spite

Sure, you are angry right now, but throwing your spouse’s clothes out of the window or denting their beloved car is a bad move. Don’t post bad things about them on social media either. This only paints you as a bitter or irrational person and could affect the judge’s opinion.

Fighting over petty things

Never fight over things that you really don’t care about. Let that boat you never use go. Don’t quarrel about grandma’s china collection. Focus on the bigger picture. For instance, concentrate on seeking full custody of your children or getting the house.

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Of course, there are other ways to make your divorce process hassle-free. By steering clear of needless mistakes, you can sail through the process more quickly.