How to Build a Strong Child Custody Case

Child hugging her fatherGoing through a child custody case can be very stressful. In spite of the anxieties and legal complexities involved, it is important you always keep your child’s best interest in mind. Since very decision you make at this point will have a long-lasting effect on your family, you should think about getting the help of a reliable child custody lawyer in Denver.

Apart from looking for a professional child custody lawyer in Denver like Lewis & Matthews, P.C., you can build a strong case by keeping the following things in mind:

Connect with people who will vouch for you

Get sworn statements from people who will back you up and vouch for your capability as a parent. You may request these from unbiased, non-family members such as your child’s teachers, as well as pastors and other community leaders who can validate your active participation in your child’s development. As long as your witnesses can prove that you have a larger involvement than the other parent, you have a better chance of strengthening your case.

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Avoid expressing strong opinions about your ex

Tempers may flare, as expected, but remember to keep your cool at all times. Criticizing your ex will only put you in a bad light, especially in the eyes of the court. Also, avoid speaking ill of your former spouse to, or in front of, your child. It may affect your case when the court interviews the child and ask about your behavior towards the other party.

Keep track of your efforts

There’s more to building your case than expressing strong feelings of love and concern for your child. You should also have some tangible proofs to back your claims. Start by documenting the financial, educational, and physical support that you provide. The court will be more inclined to hear what you do, not what the other party fails to do.

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Ultimately, be sure you can prove that your home is ideal for raising a child. As much as possible, do not change jobs or get involved with activities that can disrupt your child’s routines. The idea is to establish a stable environment fit for your child’s growth and development.