The Kids Aren’t Alright: Breaking the News About Divorce

a saddened child as mother and father are quarrelingYou and your spouse have agreed that it’s time. The marriage isn’t working anymore. The partnership has to end before you both start fully hating the commitment. It’s time to move on. You both are adults, so you’ll understand what will happen. Your kids, however, see it differently. Here’s how to break the news to them gently.

Call for a Family Meeting

It’s better to do some things relating to the family together. This won’t be the last time you’ll coordinate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. You two should work together to talk to your children about the divorce before everything. Give them an overview of what will happen. Introduce them to the divorce law firm in Marysville handling your case, and tell them that there might be a need to discuss their custody. Above all these, remind them that they are loved and that both of you will continue to be there for them. Now is the time to reassure them that you are not divorcing them, just each other.

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Give Them Time

It takes time to process the divorce. It’s big news — it’s your children’s’ whole world changing, and they can’t do anything to stop it. They will start thinking of the worst possible scenarios. As such, you should be a constant presence in their life during these trying times. Be there to answer their calls and talk to their teachers to see if the news is affecting their studies and social circles.

Answer Their Questions

They might wonder; they might blame themselves. They might ask you what they did wrong, and if they can correct it to stop either parent from leaving. In their young minds, that’s what divorce is — someone leaving. Be patient with their questions and talk to them calmly. Tell them why the marriage is failing, using child-sensitive language. Try your hardest to make them understand that divorce is the best thing for the family.

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As a parent, your top priority should be your children. Even if the marriage is ending, don’t stop being a parent to your kids.