Nurse Practitioners Rank Among the Best Jobs for 2018

Nurses walkingNursing practitioners landed on U.S. News & World Report’s list of the top five best jobs in the U.S. for 2018, while software development ranked on top.

The profession sat on the fourth spot, while it ranked behind physician assistants and dentists as the best jobs in the healthcare sector. Rebecca Koenig, a careers reporter at U.S. News, believes that healthcare jobs will continue growing rapidly by 2026.

Ranking Criteria

U.S. News based its rankings on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It ranked each job type using growth volume and growth percentage over a 10-year period, median salary, employment rates, future job opportunities, work-life balance, and stress level.

Koenig said that healthcare jobs scored high on the list due to a rising demand for professionals. However, hospitals and other facilities need to create more ways to reduce stress levels for nurses, according to a University of Arizona (UA) study. The researchers noted that “compassion practices” will be necessary not only to uplift work morale but also to improve patient care.

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Compassion Practices

UA assistant professor Allison Gabriel said that compassion practice simply entails traditional organizational methods, as well as resources that offer emotional support to nurses. These practices will help solve a “burnout epidemic” that affects many nurses and cause them to quit the profession. The study based its findings on almost 180 nurses that work in 30 ambulatory clinics in a Southeastern hospital system in Arizona.

Those who decide against entirely leaving the industry may follow another career path. A legal nurse consultant course or program, for instance, opens a new opportunity for switching to a new career within the healthcare sector.

Is your current job among the best for 2018? The start of the year often marks the time to rethink if your career is on the right track.