How to Help Children in a Bad Marriage

Couple fighting behind child“Not all heroes wear capes," goes an adage that is reflective of small acts of kindness with far-reaching effects. In fact, being a hero doesn’t revolve around actions that earn you recognition or admiration all around. It can be your willingness to help a needy soul or rescue a child from an unhealthy situation.

High divorce rates leave a wake of broken homes in their wake. It leaves many children in such homes are frightened and desperate. You can help to make a difference to such and at least offer them refuge.

Take them in for a while

Raised voices, aggressive arguments, and physical confrontations are a common occurrence in bitter divorces. The parties are often immersed in their pain to care about the welfare of little children. While there’s little you can do to the warring parties, you can do something for the little ones.

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For instance, you can offer them food and shelter when things get rough at home. You can answer your door and let them in should they ever knock. If the situation gets out of hand, be sure to get in touch with child services and keep the kids safe.

File for custody

If the warring parties are close friends or relations, you can opt to file for non-parental custody. Such a move saves the children a considerable amount of psychological trauma. With the help of a boulder custody lawyer, you can submit a non-parent custody petition to the courts.

It is of the essence to have proper legal counsel, particularly a family law attorney here in Colorado Springs such as The Burnham Law Firm, P.C., as they will help you argue your case convincingly. You need to demonstrate your relationship with the child and offer plausible reasons you’re seeking custody.

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A small act of kindness can help reassure a child in a troubled marriage. If it is within your abilities, you can file for non-parental custody and help a child lead a good life.

You may feel powerless to help a couple going through a bitter divorce or having a rocky relationship. However, you can be proactive and help the children in such situation have a modicum of a better life.