3 Occasions it is Highly Recommended to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawIn an ideal world, all work-related problems would be smoothly and swiftly dealt with, so there would never be a need for an attorney. While this does happen in some companies, there are still occasions where, even with your best efforts as an employee, nothing seems to work.

When you have suffered a work-related injury, only the intervention of a competent personal injury attorney in Utah such as those at kellybramwell.com can help you in the event of the following situations.

Your boss denies your claims

The unfortunate fact is that most employers and insurance agencies routinely trash bona fide claims for compensation. They do this hoping that the worker will not appeal. Most of the time, they are right. Few victims follow up.

A personal injury lawyer will, however, see the matter to its logical conclusion and give you the best chance of receiving a fair settlement.

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Your employer gives insufficient settlement

Sometimes, your employer will have no qualms about awarding you compensation. However, their offer may be too little to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Do not accept the offer. 

And no, a worker’s compensation judge isn’t your best hope, as a judge will approve any offer that does not appear very unfair. Only an attorney can contest the proposal and ask for a decent settlement.

You suffer punishment for filing a claim

Some bosses will retaliate against a worker for pursuing a settlement after a personal injury. The penalty could take different faces. For instance, your boss could demote you, slash your pay, reduce your hours or even fire you.

When that happens, do not feel helpless. Rather, talk to an attorney to help safeguard your rights as a worker.

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Workplace injuries are not uncommon, nor are the refusal by bosses to fairly deal with workers when these injuries happen. Fortunately, there are attorneys whose sole dedication is helping make sure that your rights have protection.