3 Things to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Divorcing couple speaking with lawyerIn 2013, the U.S. government statistics placed the state of Colorado in the ninth spot of the list for the top ten states with the most number of divorced couples. According to this report, there are approximately 4.4 divorcees in every 1000 residents in The Centennial State.

Meanwhile, in terms of statewide numbers, the neighborhoods with the highest divorce rates include Salida, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Wheat Ridge, Carbondale, Englewood, Fort Lupton, and Denver.

With high divorce rates come high numbers of divorce attorney within a given neighborhood or city. If you need these professionals’ services, you must know what to look for.

1. Knowledge of family laws and other relevant legal subjects

All divorce lawyers should have an encyclopedic knowledge of the different components of the family law, including child custody. Advanced understanding of tax laws is also relevant, as these will be useful when discussing the subjects of alimony and property division. Another invaluable legal expertise is regarding real estate laws, which will come in handy when talking about mortgages and home equity.

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2. Knowledge of human relationships and psychology

Most divorce cases are complicated by claims of domestic abuse, as well as other sources of relationship strains that caused the divorce. In these cases, a divorce attorney should know enough about how the mind works relative to intimate human relationships, so they can maneuver themselves effectively in a potentially traumatic part of their client’s life.

3. Knowledge of your city or town’s legal system

Every locale has its own way of doing things. This adage is also applicable to the legal system. It is important that your divorce attorney knows exactly who the players are in your town or city’s legal arena, as well as the type of culture that governs it. This way, they can best represent you and your case.

These are just three of the most crucial sets of expertise anyone must expect from their divorce lawyer. Failure to deliver with regards to these expectations can be detrimental to your case and your wellbeing.