How Long Will It Take Indian Professionals to Get a Green Card?

Immigration Law BookMany foreigners wish to obtain a U.S. green card by submitting employment-based (EB) applications, but a report showed that it will take a lot of patience and time, especially for Indians.

Cato Institute said that based on the issued green cards in 2017, Indians with advanced degrees will have to wait for 151 years before they could get a U.S. green card.

Tough Wait

The three types of EB green cards comprise the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3. Those with advanced degrees fall under the EB-2 category, while the first and third refer to people with extraordinary ability and with bachelor’s degrees.

Surprisingly, EB-1 immigrants from India only need to wait for six years before they could get a green card, according to the report. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said that more than 34,800 Indians applied for this type of immigrant status. Another way to achieve a citizenship status is through a sponsorship from family. A family green card issued in Utah follows the same process in any other state in the country.

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Application Process

You may be eligible for a green through family sponsorship if you are either the spouse or a single child of a U.S. citizen. Parents and siblings of U.S. citizens who are more than 18 years old can also apply for a green card in certain cases. Your sponsor will have to submit a Petition for Alien Relative form to start the process.

If you’re already living in the U.S. through an employment visa, it’s better to seek professional advice on how to move forward with a green card application. It doesn’t mean that you should readily marry a U.S. citizen, though, since certain agencies look out for sham marriages.

The report’s predicted long wait for Indian applicants shows how the U.S. government handles a lot of green card applications. Immigrants not only from India should consider other ways to obtain U.S. citizenship.