Standard Types of Damages Awarded in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Death is a sorrowful event. It hurts even more in the case the loved ones feel that it came too early and more so as a result of negligence by a third party. In such a case, the family may want to sue for wrongful death.

It pays to get a personal injury attorney from a firm like William R. Rawlings & Associates in Draper who is conversant with wrongful death cases to help. Although no amount of money will bring your loved one back, it will surely go a long way in lessening the financial burden. That said, below are the various kinds of damages that may be awarded.

1. Loss of Income

This is perhaps the most popular kind of damage in the case of wrongful death and it often applies where the departed was the breadwinner. For you to win the case you will have to prove that the family income has significantly reduced due to the passing of the loved one. The court will then enlist the help of economists to calculate the fair amount to be compensated in damages.

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2. Survivors Pain and Suffering

While this type of damage is not always awarded, with the right attorney, your chances may be higher and the reward always comes in big numbers. The goal of this type of compensation is to make up for the emotional stress that the loved ones have undergone. For this type of damage to be awarded, you will have to prove that your suffering is beyond grief and includes shock or trauma.

3. Care of a child

This is mainly awarded to a family that experienced the death of a stay at home parent whose primary duty was to take care of his or her child. The courts realize that the family will have to spend money to find someone who can look after the child. They will also incur costs to have basic domestic chores done.

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Perhaps the most challenging part with wrongful death cases is calculating the amount that should be awarded in the form of damages. It often calls for the help of financial experts. A majority believe that wrongful death cases are not worth it since they prolong the grieving period, but they should know that it will be worth it eventually.