Dealing with a Difficult Spouse in the Middle of Your Divorce

husband leaving the houseDealing with divorce settlements is already difficult on its own. The burden becomes doubly hard when you need to deal with a resentful ex-partner. Thing is, you will need to get through these difficulties in order to get your life together again. With that in mind, here are suggestions on how you can stay on top of things when you are in the middle of a divorce with an unreasonable or stubborn ex-spouse.

Find The Right Lawyers

Seek representation from a lawyer who’s familiar with these issues. While it pays to consider whether you can afford your attorney’s fees when you finally go to court, it’s more important that you find someone who can understand your situation, deal with your problems alongside you, and give you experienced advice. Most importantly, they should be experienced enough to expertly handle all aspects of your Long Island divorce process or mediation, if you choose to go the more amicable route.

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Document Everything

Whether it’s online, face-to-face or through writing, keep a tangible record of all your messages and exchanges. Keep digital and hard copies of all communications no matter how trivial you may think they are. You can also search for other past records that you might still have and add that to your documentation folder. Remember to hand all of your documentation to your lawyers before the case starts.

Know Your Priorities

You will be dealing with multiple issues as the case progresses so it’s important to keep an eye on priorities before everything intensifies. If you’re a parent, focus on your kids. If you’re without children, figure out the challenges you find difficult to handle. It can be a financial, emotional, mental, or physical challenge but you need to tackle these one at a time. Besides, dealing with your own problems first can eventually help you manage your difficult ex.

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There is life after divorce. Your ex-husband or wife may make things difficult for you but you don’t need to take that lying down. Stand up, look for support, and follow through so you don’t have to be affected by your difficult ex’s attacks.