Kinds of Compensation for Workplace Injuries

Injured WomanEmployers should uphold the highest levels of workplace safety. Unfortunately, accidents might occur sometimes. Most workers are silent about the injuries that they sustain in fear of judgment. However, you should remember that various legal measures exist to protect you from discrimination when you seek compensation for workplace-related injuries.

In Salt Lake City, a work injury attorney can help you get different types of settlement from your employer. The company usually pays this once you reach an agreement. Here are the kinds of compensation that you might receive:

Stipulated Award

The amount of a stipulated award is based on a doctor’s determined disability percentage vis-à-vis your potential earnings. You might get more money with this option if you need additional medical care. However, with a stipulated award, you are required to use your employer’s insurance company or designated health care provider for your medical needs,

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Compromise and Release

In this option, you will accept a lump-sum payment as the full settlement of your claim, and you cannot access additional payouts. This kind of compensation is ideal if you have health insurance. The payment is higher compared to a stipulated award.

Structured Settlement

This resembles the previous option, except you get the payment in bits over time rather than in a lump sum. If you opt for a structured settlement, the company’s insurance will not give you future additional benefits. However, it might obtain an annuity for you to get periodic payments.

Calculating your fair share of the given settlements requires more than just receipts and other forms of evidence. Without sound legal advice, you can settle for far less than what your claim is worth. You should not be duped into being alone in your pursuit of compensation for a work-related injury.