Privacy Policy

Practical Sustainability Law places great value in the privacy and security of visitors. To maintain transparency and to preserve the rights of every visitor, we present this privacy policy as a reference on how we collect, process, and use visitor information. We encourage visitors to browse through the statement to avoid confusion and learn more about how the site works.

Collecting Information

Our site collects personal information willingly provided by visitors through subscriptions or direct contact to our team. We also collect information about the pages visited, the browser used, the time and date of the visit, the Internet domain, and the IP address used. We assure visitors that our site only uses this information as basis for website improvements and traffic.

Using Information

Our site only uses personal information to send updates, news, or subscriptions. With the provided information, Practical Sustainability Law can address queries, clarify information, get comments, or send information that visitors might find relevant to their interests. Our site does not release, sell, or share personal information to affiliate websites or third party organizations.

Securing Information

To protect the personal interest and ensure the complete security of information, our site does not use cookies or similar technologies for tracking visitor activity online. We also conduct regular site checks and maintenance to protect visitors from malware, information breach, or other security risks that might be present.

Accessing Links

We use affiliate links that visitors may browse for further reading. We reiterate that Practical Sustainability Law assumes no responsibility for these links and the privacy policies of their landing pages.

Practical Sustainability Law holds the rights to make changes to this privacy policy statement or any content on our website without prior notice to visitors.